“Blood of the Mountain” will make you beautiful

“Blood of the Mountain” will make you beautiful
“Blood of the Mountain” will make you beautiful

An ancient legend says that stone giants cry high in the mountains of Central Asia. Congealing, their tears form a healing balm that is a cure for all ailments. The potion was rarely found, but the one who managed to get hold of it became the he althiest and strongest man in the world. The miraculous natural elixir has been known since ancient times to the peoples of the Caucasus, Siberia, Tibet, Nepal, and India. In Burma it was called chao-tun (mountain blood), in Mongolia - barag-shun (rock juice), in Iran - mumioyin (mum - "wax" (soft), Oyin - name of the village where it was first found).

You guessed correctly that it is a mummy. But what is the connection with female beauty?

Women for centuries have used mummy not only as a remedy for diseases, but also to overcome various skin problems. Mountain resin has not lost its relevance even today. The extract is part of many cosmetics. Manufacturers add it to their boxes and tubes and it enters the arsenal of the modern woman in the battle for a better look.

The mummy has a strong antibacterial effect. It can be used to treat small sores and purulent pimples that threaten the female face, and also to remove redness from various dermatitis. It is also good for oily skin.

The mummy face mask promotes the production of much-needed collagen and thus reduces the depth and quantity of wrinkles. It also eliminates scars and edges left by acne skin.

The preparation frees the pores and is able to rid the skin of the harmful substances that have accumulated in it. It also improves the work of the sweat glands.

We can benefit from its effectiveness at home as well. Before starting the home therapy, we must consult a cosmetologist. It is necessary to exclude the possible negative consequences of using the mummy.

The duration of the course is ten procedures in ten days. Before preparing the mixtures, bring the mummy to a powdery state.

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