Some types of parasites provoke the appearance of tumors

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Some types of parasites provoke the appearance of tumors
Some types of parasites provoke the appearance of tumors

My daughter was found to have worms. I read that getting infected with parasites is very dangerous and can cause serious he alth consequences. Is this true?

Ivanka Zheleva, Dobrich

Parasites manage to occupy the body usually in cases where the work of the gastrointestinal tract is disturbed and immunity is weakened. The child not only often suffers from colds, but is also plagued by parasites.

In such cases, it is recommended that the child be examined for celiac disease - congenital intolerance to cereal proteins (gluten), which are contained in bread, cookies, confectionery, pasta, as well as pies and sausages.

It was found that for one case with clearly expressed symptoms of the disease, there are nine cases of latent celiac disease, when the intolerance is partially expressed. If the diagnosis of celiac disease is confirmed, a diet must be followed. Then the intestines will not suffer, the child will no longer get sick so often from respiratory diseases, as well as from parasites.

In general, if parasites are found, treatment is imperative. After all, they absorb nutrients valuable to the body, cause allergies and intoxication. It is noted that with helminthiasis (especially ascariasis and toxocarosis), the reaction of the immune system to each vaccination worsens and the susceptibility to various infections increases.

It has been proven that with an infestation of worms, a person is more easily infected with tuberculosis, typhoid, dysentery, hepatitis, and chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines are more severe.

There are also 40 types of helminths that cause cancer. For example, schistosomes living in the waters of African countries cause bladder and liver cancer.

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