The 10 most effective methods to get rid of hiccups

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The 10 most effective methods to get rid of hiccups
The 10 most effective methods to get rid of hiccups

All of us have faced the annoying hiccups more than once in our life – be it within minutes or sometimes hours. Very often we find the cause ourselves - such as the consumption of a cold drink or too spicy food, for example, but there are also many cases where we cannot explain what causes it. Read more at: Hiccups - why do they occur?

Hiccuping is an uncontrollable contraction of the diaphragm, a muscle that separates the chest from the abdominal cavity and controls breathing. It can occur singly or in bouts. The rhythm of hiccups, or the time between hiccups, is relatively constant.

How to get rid of hiccups

Hold your breath

This is the easiest way to get rid of hiccups, which, by the way, is recommended not only by traditional healers, but also by doctors.

Eat sour

It is believed that the acid that enters the esophagus "confuses" the hiccups and brings relief to a person. The main thing is to remember that everything is good in moderation.

Hold your nose with your fingers

Hold your nose with your fingers and sip from a glass of water in small sips. If you don't have a glass of water, try several times to swallow saliva with your nose pinched. Difficult but effective.

Eat Sugar

If you can, eat a full tablespoon of sugar (you can replace it with honey if you like) without dissolving it in water. If hiccups don't go away with this method, better try another one.

Ask someone to tickle you

If possible, ask someone in your family to tickle you. For a person who is afraid of being tickled, this is the best way to focus on something more unexpected than hiccups.

Use the ballerina method

Bend down, put your hands behind your back, with your neck bent, try drinking from a glass held by another person. If no one is nearby - put a glass on the table and try to perform the procedure yourself.


This method is believed to be used by ballerinas (their breasts are always constricted with a corset and therefore hiccups often occur).

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Kennedy's personal physician recommended to his patient the following method to treat hiccups: stick out the tongue and hold it for a few seconds. According to the doctor, this method works flawlessly.

Press this point

Press several times at the point where the collarbone and sternum cross.


Scare the Hiccup

Scare is considered one of the best folk methods to get rid of hiccups. If you are sure that you are fully aware of your friend's fears, then you will be able to free him from hiccups without any difficulty!

Press your fingers

To stop hiccups, press the thumb of your left hand to the right little finger and the thumb of your right hand to the left little finger as if forming the number eight. A great way if you don't have a glass of water or sugar handy.

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