The symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency - the killer of cancer

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The symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency - the killer of cancer
The symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency - the killer of cancer

Experts warn that many people do not get enough vitamin B12, which is believed to kill cancer cells, and list deficiency symptoms that should not be ignored

Saying that vitamin B12 acts as a killer of cancer cells, scientists explain: it promotes the activation of apoptosis in the body - the program for the self-destruction of tumor cells.

In addition, the vitamin is used by the human body for other important processes - the creation of new red blood cells, nerves and DNA.

Its deficiency can drastically weaken the body, suppressing the activity of the immune system - against this background, there are risks of developing various diseases and abnormalities.

But according to experts at Harvard Medical School, the symptoms of cancer-killing vitamin B12 deficiency can be hard to detect because they masquerade as common ailments that don't cause concern.

Experts indicate which signs of deficiency of this important substance should not be ignored.

Strange sensations, numbness in hands and feet.

Difficulty walking - staggering or balance problems.


Swollen, inflamed tongue.

Problems with intelligence, memory.


“Vitamin B12 deficiency can develop slowly, resulting in symptoms that develop gradually and worsen over time. The only reliable way to know for sure whether the body suffers from its lack is a blood test, "add the experts from Harvard.

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They remind us that the human body does not naturally produce vitamin B12, so it is important to have enough foods that contain it in our diet. According to researchers, a very large number of people may not be getting the right amount from their diet.

“The best food sources include animal products: beef offal, chicken livers and poultry, tuna, pork, etc. "Adults should get about 1.5 mcg of vitamin B12 every day," state scientific experts.

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