4 ways to prevent a heart attack?

4 ways to prevent a heart attack?
4 ways to prevent a heart attack?

According to statistics, mortality from cardiovascular diseases in Russia reaches almost 50%. But it is possible to prevent the development of the disease. Anna Kuchina, cardiologist, therapist, functional diagnostician, explains how you can do this.

Screening for cardiovascular disease is important for all men over the age of 40 and all women over the age of 50. It includes history taking, examination, tests (cardiologists are most often interested in lipid profile) and EKG. If necessary, the doctor prescribes ECHO-KG, bicycle ergometry, coronary angiography.

The doctor emphasized that most often the development of angina pectoris, which is accompanied by chest pains of a certain nature, precedes the heart attack. Accordingly, even by complaints, it can be established that a person has coronary disease, added the specialist.

"The SCORE scale (taking into account age, gender, whether a person smokes or not, blood pressure and total cholesterol levels) determines the risk of cardiovascular death within 10 years. Now there are modified scales for patients with diabetes, who have already had a heart attack or stroke. Depending on the test results and SCORE risk, treatment is prescribed or lifestyle change recommendations are given." This is what Anna Yurievna - Cardiologist, therapist, functional diagnostician commented.

The cardiologist noted that even with regular checkups, lifestyle changes are beneficial for absolutely everyone. According to the expert, this change includes:

  • quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption (smoking sometimes increases the risk of developing atherosclerosis and hypertension),
  • physical activity and weight loss
  • Mediterranean diet supplemented with olive oil and nuts reduces the risk of cardiovascular events by 30%
  • reduce the amount of stress.

These simple guidelines can help prevent heart attacks and other cardiovascular events in humans.

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