We are killing our own kidneys: 10 habits we must forget forever

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We are killing our own kidneys: 10 habits we must forget forever
We are killing our own kidneys: 10 habits we must forget forever

Kidneys are an organ that is considered one of the most important in the human body. They have an extremely difficult task - cleaning the blood from all kinds of toxins, microbes and infections

The kidneys also regulate the body's water balance, blood pressure, and red blood cell production. The list goes on and on, but let's think about how, unfortunately, we underestimate the work of these bodies.

There are some habits that most of us have, but we don't think about their harm. However, we need to get rid of them to protect the kidneys and ourselves from disease. After all, as the saying goes: "One is only he althy if one's kidneys are he althy."

Harmful habits for kidneys

Alcohol and smoking

It has long been proven many times that smoking and drinking alcohol have an adverse effect on he alth. Bad habits worsen the work of the kidneys, because they cannot deal with the large number of toxic substances in the body. Only in movies everyone smokes and drinks and it looks good, but in real life these habits are slowly killing us. Think about it the moment you light your next cigarette or open a bottle of alcohol.

Lack of sleep

The fact is that cells are renewed at night. If you're consistently not getting enough sleep, this process isn't fully completed, which can soon lead to your organs breaking down. Forget about the absurd phrase: "Sleep is for the weak!".

Drinking a lot of caffeine

Caffeine, which is found in coffee and various soft drinks, is harmful in large quantities for the whole organism and especially for the kidneys. It has strong diuretic properties, dehydrates the body and causes the kidneys to work "idle", which creates an additional burden on them.

Passive Lifestyle

Often, especially during long work on a computer or in one position, it happens that you damage your kidneys. To restore proper blood circulation, do a little exercise or gymnastics every hour. Regular exercise will also prevent kidney stones.

Vitamin B6 deficiency

In order for the kidneys to function perfectly, an average of 1.3 ml of vitamin B6 should be consumed daily. It is found in chicken, fish, potatoes and many fruits, except citrus fruits.

Untimely bladder emptying

Persistent retention of urine in the bladder can lead to kidney failure and incontinence. So remember the rule: "If you feel like going to the toilet, do it right away!".

Excess Sodium

The main source of sodium for humans is table s alt. But if you abuse, then your kidneys, as the main regulator of the metabolism of the water-s alt system, cannot cope with their work. The daily intake of s alt for an adult is up to 5-6 grams. The advice is: do not overs alt the food - you will quickly get used to it and feel its taste even better.

Reckless Diets

Many diets that are supposed to help you lose weight quickly actually deprive your body of nutrients. As a result, a double blow is obtained: on the one hand, the blood is filtered with an imbalance, and on the other hand, they do not even receive useful substances.

Excess Protein

Protein cannot accumulate in the body, like fat. Therefore, a lot of protein also increases the burden on the kidneys. If the kidneys are unable to remove these products, then stones can form.

Drinking insufficient water

For the proper functioning of the kidneys, like all organs, it is necessary to drink enough water. Water literally flushes all the crap out of your body!

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