6 best bedtime habits

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6 best bedtime habits
6 best bedtime habits

Everyone knows that sleep is one of the most important processes. Without it, our body cannot rest and recover

Lack of quality sleep affects not only our mental but also our physical condition. And prolonged construction can lead to violations that can be fatal.

Furthermore, a person's bedtime habits can affect not only our psyche but also our physical form. That is why they are extremely important.

In the evening, before going to bed, it is useful to practice some rituals, doctors say. For example, it is very useful to drink kefir or another sour drink. The protein contained in them will supply the muscles with the necessary amino acids, and this will lead to intensive consumption of calories by the body while a person sleeps.

Also, experts recommend monitoring the temperature in the bedroom. Ideally, you should go to sleep at a temperature of 19 degrees Celsius. In addition, there should be no working light sources near the bedroom, and the windows should have thick curtains or blinds. Light disrupts the production of the hormone melatonin, which reduces the quality of sleep. In addition, during sleep in complete darkness, the body consumes more fat.

It is very useful for some time before sleep, for 30-40 minutes, to stop working and spend this time resting so that you can relax. Experts advise, among other things, to perform breathing exercises: inhale through the nose and slowly exhale through the mouth. When you breathe, the stomach should rise and fall. Such an exercise relieves stress and helps you fall asleep faster.

At night it is better to give up alcohol. If you need to process the substances contained in alcohol, the body is activated and night sleep will not be a rest.

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