As soon as you buy some of these things, clean them first

As soon as you buy some of these things, clean them first
As soon as you buy some of these things, clean them first

There are hardly two opinions when it comes to the fact that we should observe good hygiene in order not to bring ourselves a he alth problem. And while we all know we should wash our hands and our food, there are some things we forget or just don't know we should also clean before use.

The most common mistake is when it comes to new acquisitions. The delusion that if they are new, then they are clean, must be forgotten. Here are the things we should clean or wash right after buying them.


One of the most common mistakes is that once the clothes in the store look clean and well organized, they are. The truth is that by the time they travel the long way to the store, they have collected a lot of dust and harmful microorganisms. Besides, quite a few people before you have probably tried them. To avoid allergic reactions, staph infections, always wash them before the first wear.


Like clothes, the same goes for shoes. Here, the risk is related to infection with fungi or harmful microorganisms that may end up on your skin. Before putting on new shoes, we advise you to clean the outside with a suitable sponge, and spray the inside with a disinfectant spray.

Bed linen and towels

Bedding and towels, like clothes, are also not completely safe. Eventually, they will touch your skin. In addition, in the final stage of their production, some chemicals are used - formaldehyde and others. To get rid of chemical residues, it is recommended that they be washed before use. This not only removes excess dyes, but also improves the absorbent properties of the fabrics.

Manicure accessories

Files, scissors, nail clippers, etc. To protect yourself from infections, it is recommended to disinfect not only new accessories, but also those you have already used.


The toothbrush is sold in a package, but that does not make it clean. oh-good to wash it with soap and warm water before use. You can also periodically dip the brush for a few seconds in a small amount of dental water. Don't forget to change your brush every 3 months, as well as after colds, flu, canker sores.


All new containers in which you will keep food must be thoroughly cleaned before use. It is best to do this with dish soap and warm water if there are no special requirements for cleaning the tool.

Electric heating kettle

People often buy a new kettle and the first time they use it, they smell an unpleasant plastic-like smell. Also, although you can thoroughly wash the appliance with vero, the smell can be persistent. In this case, fill the jug with water to the maximum, add 30 g of soda and let the water heat up. Then leave the soda to work for a few hours and rinse. Or try the lemon trick. Fill the jug with water to the maximum and add the juice of one lemon or 50 g of citric acid. Heat the water and leave for a few hours.

Stove, refrigerator

Since the food you are going to eat will come into contact with these electrical appliances, it is good to clean their surface beforehand. Because of their construction, they are saturated with smelling oils and dust. In addition, you should be careful with what preparations you will use to clean. Make sure you clean the oven racks and trays and all parts of the new refrigerator before first use. Good pre-cleaning will reduce the risk of bacteria getting into your food

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