What will happen if you tear off the papilloma?

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What will happen if you tear off the papilloma?
What will happen if you tear off the papilloma?

Papillomas are small and painless growths that appear on the skin or mucous membranes. They have a reddish or brown color

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These educated may be injured by accidental injury or by contact with clothing. In this case, papillomas can "break off" or become inflamed.

People worry that removing the wart will lead to negative consequences. Is it possible to remove the papilloma and when?

What happens if you tear off a papilloma?

Some growths disappear on their own over the years without pain or discomfort. This is good because the body has developed antibodies and de alt with the problem on its own.

You cannot remove a papilloma yourself, as this will lead to negative consequences.

Possible complications:

Inflammation will appear in the affected area. The wart can grow into adjacent areas of the body.

It is easy to introduce an infection into the wound that has appeared. In addition, a person with papillomas often has weak immunity.

Itching, pain and bleeding may occur at the site of the wart. If these symptoms occur, you should consult a doctor.

If the strain of the virus has an oncogenic nature, then there is a risk of the papilloma degenerating into a tumor.

You cannot tear off the papilloma yourself, otherwise complications will appear. If an adverse situation has already occurred, measures will have to be taken to prevent the consequences.

What to do if you get a papilloma

When the growth is injured, you should immediately treat the problem area with an antiseptic. A solution of iodine no more than 5% or oxolin ointment is suitable.

The wound should be covered with a bandage to prevent infection. It is recommended to consult a doctor to undergo a diagnosis and rule out the possibility of a wart degenerating into a malignant tumor.

It is recommended that pregnant women remove the papilloma so as not to infect the fetus with the papilloma virus.

Sometimes due to hormonal changes, the disease goes away on its own. This usually happens after the first trimester.

If after the therapy the papilloma dries up and turns black, you should not worry. This suggests that the wart will soon disappear on its own.

If this happens when there was no treatment, you should immediately consult a doctor. There is a chance that melanoma will start to develop. Only a specialist will be able to tell if there is a danger.

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