Karl Lagerfeld's diet, with which he totally changes

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Karl Lagerfeld's diet, with which he totally changes
Karl Lagerfeld's diet, with which he totally changes

Recently, the world lost the talented German designer and creative director of the fashion house Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld. He died at the age of 85, but left behind a rich legacy. Among other things, he is also known for his sarcastic remarks and rude comments. He wasn't afraid to talk about others, but he didn't forget self-criticism either

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Lagerfeld was very particular about his appearance. That's right, one moment he decided that he had to change everything and at the age of 64 he returned to the weight he had in his 20s.

Today we will tell you about a weight loss diet followed by Karl Lagerfeld.

For a long time, the designer suffered from the problem of being overweight. But in 2002, he appeared visibly emaciated. He was 69 at the time. Lagerfeld then shared that in just one year he lost 40 kilograms thanks to a special diet that Dr. Jean-Claude Oudret developed for him.

“Suddenly, the clothes I had been wearing for years became looser and didn't fit me. I wanted to try something new. But at my previous weight it was impossible. I got it: I need to lose weight first. By the way, my weight now matches what I was when I was 18 or 20."

At that time, Lagerfeld gave many interviews and talked about his diet, motivation, and he didn't even hide what this diet was for. His doctor even gave it a name - the 3D diet. This is deciphered very simply: 3D - designer, doctor, diet. A very short and witty name.

Dieting is the only game where you win by losing. If you follow all the rules, like the commandments, then the reward will be not just getting rid of excess weight, but also the realization that you are a person who can change. Lagerfeld himself believed that this was the best reward, that this was the foundation on which to build a successful future.

From a plump man with a double chin, Lagerfeld transforms into an elegant man and visibly rejuvenated. At that time, the designer is 70 years old!

Now it's time to talk about the diet itself that the designer has been following. In fact, its principles are quite simple: the rejection of most carbohydrate products, refined and fried foods, a minimum of fat, counting calories. More vegetables and protein, less fat and carbs.

During the first two weeks, only a protein-vegetable diet with a consumption of up to 900 kcal per day is allowed under medical supervision. Protein sources are protein shakes.

In addition, the calorie content increases to 1200, and chicken breast, fish, white meat, cheese and sour milk appear in the diet in small quantities. Also, vegetables remain in unlimited quantities. This stage continues until you reach your desired weight.

The last stage allows you to use 1300-1600 calories, whole grain bread is added for breakfast and fruit for dinner.

For a whole year, Karl Lagerfeld demonstrated extraordinary endurance and will by eating this way. His daily menu, especially in the first stage of the diet, was quite meager: breakfast of coffee, toast and grapefruit, lunch of protein shakes and vegetables. The meals for the diet were quite modest.

He has repeatedly said that to follow this diet you need a lot of determination and will, otherwise it won't work.

Lagerfeld's diet is certainly not the ultimate he althy diet. It is a strict diet, with many restrictions, although with proven effectiveness. We are not saying that it is necessary to use it, but his advice on this matter is definitely worth paying attention to.


Don't tell anyone about your intentions because it only hinders the achievement of the goal. Make a contract with yourself and direct all energy to its fulfillment.

Every meal should be a work of art: set the table, prepare a nice meal and enjoy it.

Losing weight is hard work and stress for the body. You do not need to add to this stress and intensive training. It is better to do walking, it brings pleasure and relieves stress, it exercises the body.

Buy your products yourself, based on your senses. Turn this process from a routine to an enjoyable experience.

These tips apply to any diet. You just have to decide and change your life dramatically. Lagerfeld proved that even at 70 it's not too late to change everything.

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