How to calculate your ideal weight to height ratio! (USEFUL TABLES)

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How to calculate your ideal weight to height ratio! (USEFUL TABLES)
How to calculate your ideal weight to height ratio! (USEFUL TABLES)

People who constantly think about losing weight often forget about this factor: two people with the same weight can look completely different. This is because of the different height, physique, thickness of the layer of subcutaneous fat. The physical form is also different

To know the ideal weight for your height, you need to make certain calculations: there are several ways. Thanks to them, you will be able to calculate the ideal weight for yourself as a professional nutritionist!

Remember that if you have already reached the ideal result, but you do not like something about the figure, it is not worth losing weight. It is better to practice arguing to correct the problem areas.

How to find out your ideal weight

Quetelet Body Mass Index

The body mass index weight Ketele determines the degree of obesity, if any, and the associated he alth risks. The calculation formula is very simple! Divide body weight by height in meters squared.

For example, your height is 1.68m; weight - 58 kg; age - 28 years. So we get the following: 58: 2.82=20.55. As can be seen from the table of results, this result is normal and there is no he alth risk. The norm of the index for men is 19-25. For women - 19-24.


How to determine the degree of body fat distribution

To find out the answer to this question, divide the waist circumference by the hip circumference. The norm of the index for men is 0.85. For women - 0.65-0.85.

How to determine your body type

This index will help you determine your body type. To do this, you need to measure the circumference of the thinnest part of your wrist.


How to determine the ideal lap ratio

Circumference ratios based on wrist circumference measurement. Of course, these indicators are not the same for everyone - these are average values.

6.5 wrist circumference equal to chest size

85% of chest circumference is equal to hip circumference

Waist circumference is 70% of chest circumference

53% of chest circumference is equal to hip circumference

Neck circumference is equal to 37% of chest circumference

Biceps circumference - should be 36% of chest circumference

Leg circumference about 34% of chest circumference

Forearm circumference should be equal to 29% of chest circumference

How weight is related to age

With age, metabolic processes in the body slow down to some extent, that is why weight increases. It's a natural process. You can consider those two kilos extra, but in fact they are in place! To find out if your weight is normal depending on age and height, you can do it using the following formula: body mass=50 + 0.75 (P-150) + (B-20): 4, where P - height and B - age in years.


An ideal physique is considered if the waist circumference is 25 cm less than the hip circumference, and the hip circumference is approximately equal to the chest circumference. Waist circumference should be equal to height in centimeters minus 100. But all these calculations only confirm how different we are. For everyone, the indicators are different, even the ideal values!

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