How do we know if we will live long?

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How do we know if we will live long?
How do we know if we will live long?

A balanced diet, physical activity and avoiding bad habits - according to doctors, it is this way of life that contributes to longevity

However, there are a number of signs that a person can live a longer life, and they are not always related to he alth.

How do you know you will live longer?

You look younger than your age

Not all peers look the same. Some are 5-6 years younger while others look 10 years older.

Even more surprising is the fact that this can also happen among twins. A group of Danish scientists observed 187 pairs of twins from 2001 to 2013. The study revealed that twins who look younger live longer than their siblings.

You gave birth after 33 years

According to some scientists, women who give birth in their fourth decade and later can live very long lives. Specialists attribute this fact to the work of the reproductive system: Its slow aging affects the aging of the entire organism.


Some scientists in a number of studies have concluded that right-handed people among adults and athletes live longer than left-handed people.


A man's height does not affect his life expectancy. At the same time, however, tall women, as many experts note, more often live to the age of 90.

You have no belly fat

Even if a person is not overweight, belly fat can provoke some heart diseases that will affect life expectancy.

This assumption was made by scientists who observed a group of patients for 16 years. According to experts, belly fat is one of the most dangerous fat accumulations.

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