A reason to be proud: 7 benefits of light skin

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A reason to be proud: 7 benefits of light skin
A reason to be proud: 7 benefits of light skin

Tanned skin is current, and because of it, ladies spend a lot of time under the scorching rays of the sun or in solariums. A few centuries ago, it was different - light skin was white for aristocracy. The modern woman should not be upset and can even be proud, because fair skin has its merits.


White-faced women are less at risk of skin cancer. A tan, on the contrary, can lead to the dangerous melanoma


Light-skinned girls will have fewer wrinkles in the future. Ultraviolet rays damage the skin and directly affect its elasticity. If you do decide to tan, the best solution is to use sunscreen.


Most light-skinned people have practically no age spots. They all look younger than their biological age.


A fair complexion is what creates a feeling of youth and carefreeness, not the burdened complexion and thick makeup on the face of a tanned lady. Try to use products specially selected for your skin type to look natural.


Who said white skin isn't beautiful? For example, lotions with a shimmering effect seem to be specially created for light skinned people and with them they look divine.


Light skin fascinates. Many celebrities deliberately do not use products that mimic a tan, and this makes them stand out from the crowd. They conquer the world with their charm. Remember how Dita Von Teese made her incredible career, betting on the contrast of light skin and dark hair.


Everyone will pay attention to you and make you stand out from the crowd of tanned girls, and that can be invaluable