Scientists take care of the lasting fragrance of our hair

Scientists take care of the lasting fragrance of our hair
Scientists take care of the lasting fragrance of our hair

After washing, we want our hair to smell as long as possible and we carefully choose our shampoos based on their fragrance. However, as a rule, it evaporates within a few hours. Today we will tell you how scientists strive to satisfy our demands and preserve the captivating smell of conditioning products.

Researchers from the Swiss company Firmenich, who work together with the Federal Institute of Technology, share their secret. They believe that it is necessary to follow a set of rules during washing in order to prolong the fragrance of the shampoo and natural oils for the whole day.

The company's chemist Dr. Andreas Herrmann said he hopes to publicize the new approach, in which the shampoo's fragrance will be released throughout the day. At the same time, various unpleasant odors will not "stick", and people will be able to enjoy the freshness and cleanliness of their hair.

"Fragrance is usually one of the most expensive ingredients in shampoo, but it usually lingers in the hair for several hours. Consumers often associate cleanliness with a pleasant smell, so prolonging the feeling of freshness can cause people a positive impression," says Dr. Herman.

In the new formula, the flavoring components are packed in special capsules. They are much thinner than a human hair. With them, the fragrance does not evaporate within 24 hours, because the capsule dissolves gradually and not all at once, as is the case with conventional shampoos.

The researchers also believe that further trials are needed to test the effects of drying and brushing.

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