Dental problems can cause cancer

Dental problems can cause cancer
Dental problems can cause cancer

Scientists have discovered a link between oral cavity diseases and the development of various types of cancer. American scientists from the University of Buffalo have engaged in research in this area.

During a large-scale study, doctors found a link between periodontal disease and a high probability of developing cancer in old age. They report on the results of their scientific work on the pages of their specialized publication.

More than 65,000 men and women participated in the study. The average age of the objects was 68 years. All individuals who were diagnosed with periodontal disease (ie, inflammatory diseases of the tissues that surround the tooth) were found to have a 14 percent higher risk of cancer, compared to the perfectly he althy participants in the study. In addition, it became clear that more often oncological disease manifests itself in the esophagus.

"The esophagus is located in close proximity to the oral cavity and periodontal pathogens can more easily gain access and start processes that provoke the development of cancer," they assert.

Researchers point to other diseases that threaten people with periodontitis. Chronic inflammation in the oral cavity is associated with an increased risk of developing gallbladder cancer. They explain that periodontal bacteria start inflammatory processes even when they are in small amounts, and also that postmenopausal women and heavy smokers are the most at-risk group.

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