Wrinkle free with homemade botox

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Wrinkle free with homemade botox
Wrinkle free with homemade botox

You have read about more than one or two anti-wrinkle face masks. However, one particular product will instantly become your favorite once you rediscover its qualities. In fact, it is an essential part of some of the best healing face masks. Professional beauticians accidentally put homemade botox on it

It's about the cornstarch or the cotton starch - both of them work wonders on the skin, regardless of whether it's oily, dry or dark - and the most experienced pimples have no chance to survive.

The main requirement of domestic cats is the type of starch that makes the skin of the face elastic and eliminates the signs of aging. For the basil of the medical bot, the starch is completely harmless, since the peak of the commercial packages is zero. Thus, the face that has been treated with a wrinkle or a face that contains this special product does not look artificial, as it does after botox injection.

The more often you apply face masks with starch, the longer the result will be.

The effect is due to the fact that starch is a completely effective sebaceous gland inhibitor: the oily skin starts to shine, and the cyst no longer shines.

We recommend that you apply home-made cosmetic procedures with starch twice a week for a month or two. Of course, their demand depends on the characteristics of the stage: elasticity, bumps and loss of tone. And we offer you several options for masks:

Natural face mask with starch and tomatoes

You will need 1 teaspoon of cornstarch, ½ teaspoon of olive oil, 1 yolk, 1 tomato or 2 tomatoes. After mixing all the ingredients and whisking them to the consistency of a smooth paste, apply all over a cleansed face, avoiding the area around the eyes. Allow the mask to act for four hours, then wash off with cold water and, after drying, apply a soothing cream.

Cat c banana for facial rejuvenation

Hyžni ca vi 1 c. l sour cream, 1 c. l. mashed banana and 1 c. l. cotton starch. Mix all the products until you get a homogenous ball and apply all over the cleansed face (for all skin types), again without the eye area. After 15 minutes, rinse and apply face cream.

Macca with cornstarch and milk

You can easily get rid of fine pimples on the face by mixing ¼ tsp cornstarch, 1 egg white and 2 c. l. whole milk. Wash your face thoroughly before applying this mask, then leave it on for 20 minutes or until it dries. Wash off with cold water. The first use of this natural face mask will erase fine pimples from your face like an eraser.

If you have very sensitive skin, you can prepare facial water from the starch. First, add 1 teaspoon of starch to one liter of water. Mix well and wash your face and neck area.

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