Sea water activates the metabolism

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Sea water activates the metabolism
Sea water activates the metabolism

It's summer. In the heat, the most desired destination is the sea. It turns out that sea water is a very good natural healer. American scientists have found that when staying in seawater, electrolytes penetrate the epidermis, which change the environment and increase tissue reactivity, activating the metabolism and functional state of cells

Sea water is most effectively absorbed by the skin through the sweat glands. That is why it is good to sit in a sauna or simply on the hot sand before taking a bath with sea water. The skin absorbs about 10 ml of water. However small this amount is, it is sufficient to cause a reaction in the body that stabilizes the morphological picture of blood and arterial pressure.

Bathing in the sea also has a beneficial effect on the work of the internal organs, reduces muscle hypertonus and helps to normalize metabolic processes. S alts and minerals from the sea water are absorbed by the pores of the skin and recharge it.

Here are some of the most important ingredients of seawater and their function:

► Magnesium - slows down aging processes

► Calcium - accelerates the recovery processes of the skin, provides protection against infections and removes toxins from the body

► Sulfur - protects the skin from inflammation

► Bromine - acts as an antiseptic

► Silicon - strengthens capillaries and stimulates hair growth

► Phosphorus - guarantees he althy nails, hair and teeth

Thalasotherapy, one of the unique qualities of sea water, also has its geographical dimension - different places on the planet and local climatic conditions make sea water suitable for the treatment and prevention of certain diseases. It is enough to sit in the water in a normal place for your height, for the sea waves to wash over you. Thus, the "blows" of another wave do the work of a good massage therapist. Pouring over our body, the water massages it, the pores absorb the ingredients of the sea water and deal with the pounds and other ailments imperceptibly and pleasantly for us.

Prevention and healing effects

The Mediterranean Sea has a s alt concentration of 38 grams per liter. Its water is an excellent means for the prevention of asthma, cardiovascular diseases, detoxification and postpartum rehabilitation.

Aegean Sea - 33 g of s alt per l, has a general restorative effect, good for spa and relaxation.

Adriatic sea - the cleanest and coolest water, but with high salinity - 38 years. It is great for rehabilitation after injuries, prevention and treatment of rheumatism, gynecological diseases, diseases of the nervous system and metabolism, obesity. The Dead Sea contains 10 times more mineral s alts than the composition of the world's oceans.

Its healing microclimate is unique. It is recommended for skin diseases, especially psoriasis, urological diseases, allergy, joint and respiratory diseases, as well as some oncological diseases.

A valuable healing treasure of our Black Sea is the healing mud (Pomorie, Tuzlata, Shabla), which expands the healing possibilities of our coast. Through mud treatment, metabolism, blood circulation and the function of endocrine glands are improved. Wounds are quickly restored, pain is soothed and inflammatory processes are suppressed in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological diseases, etc.

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