Biotin – the natural nail strengthener

Biotin – the natural nail strengthener
Biotin – the natural nail strengthener

Are your nails breaking easily, splitting, peeling, thinning, white spots, or just not in the condition you'd like them to be in? This is a problem that every second woman complains about. The reason for this is most often due to diet, stress, hormonal and other he alth problems.

There are many vitamins that can strengthen the strength of our nails. But biotin, or water-soluble vitamin B7, is your salvation! It has the ability to activate the production of fat in the skin, restores its strength and acts as a protective barrier. It also strengthens the hair.

Vitamin B7 is included in the composition of many fats that participate in the synthesis of fatty acids, in the conversion of folic acid into a form that is absorbed by the body and the metabolism of the essential amino acid leucine. Some bacteria in the digestive tract are known to produce a certain amount of biotin, but it is not always well absorbed by our body.

After a week you won't recognize your nails

If we see that our nails are breaking or flaking, we can start taking biotin every day for 1-2 weeks. It is important to note that the recommended intake, which is 150 mcg, should not be exceeded. According to specialists, it is better to take from 30 to at most 100 mcg per day.

Which foods contain it?

Nuts are the richest source of biotin. Tuna, pork, bananas, carrots, avocados, tomato sauce, sweet potatoes, yogurt, cashews, boiled eggs are other foods that contain this vitamin, but in smaller amounts. And an interesting caveat: regular consumption of raw egg whites can lead to biotin deficiency.

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