With three oils - miracles in the summer

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With three oils - miracles in the summer
With three oils - miracles in the summer

Summer is already here, and most of us dream of shining with a golden complexion, he althy skin and shiny hair. In the following lines, we reveal to you the way to the beautiful summer look, which can be achieved easily with the help of only three organic oils

Argan oil

Hair wears out quickly under the influence of strong sunlight and s alt water. Therefore, to nourish it, rely on argan oil. It nourishes the hair, restoring its elasticity and protecting the tips from blooming and breakage. The best way is to do a deep conditioning treatment with the oil by applying it directly to the hair so that it is completely covered. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes, then wash off with a mild shampoo. Massaging the oil into the scalp can also help relieve dry or itchy scalp and add volume.

Cocoa Butter

Smooth and tender body skin is the main mission of cocoa butter, which has regenerating properties. It is suitable for healing wounds, removing unwanted scars, acne marks and stretch marks. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the cocoa product are also valuable, helping to eliminate itching and burning sensation, redness and swelling, as well as treating eczema and burns. Taken as food, the oil has a tonic effect by stimulating the production of endorphins, the "hormone of happiness". In addition, cocoa butter improves mental activity and increases efficiency. And last but not least, it helps to even out the tan. And when it comes to protection from dangerous ultraviolet rays – coconut oil becomes your first friend.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has a natural sun protection factor SPF5 and at the same time nourishes and restores already damaged skin. With it, you can also clean make-up, facial skin, use it as a moisturizing body or shaving cream, as a lip balm or an eye serum. Add baking soda to coconut oil and you've got an antibacterial toothpaste, and if you want to ward off those pesky bugs, rub it gently on your skin with a few drops of peppermint, rosemary or tea tree essential oil.