7 bad habits that destroy our teeth

7 bad habits that destroy our teeth
7 bad habits that destroy our teeth

To keep your teeth he althy, you need to clean them twice a day, rinse and visit the dentist twice a year. It is good to forget these extremely harmful habits forever.

1. Forget jelly sweets

Everyone knows about sugar, which causes tooth decay. But some sweets are more dangerous than others. Those that stick to the teeth, for example, are harmful. If the jelly particles are stuck between the teeth, it is not so easy to pull them out and the saliva cannot neutralize them. In addition to jelly, caramel sweets, dried and candied fruits, marmalade are also dangerous. Eat sweets with sugar substitutes, and in extreme cases, you can simply brush your teeth after eating the candy.

2. Treat your cough with candy

They relieve coughs and reduce sore throats, but if you have tooth decay, candy makes it worse because most of them are full of sugar. Constant dissolution of these candies creates in the mouth an ideal food environment for bacteria that destroy teeth and gums. When choosing candy, look at the ingredients and look for sugar-free options.

3. Don't drink soda and fizz

Sugar and acids are a killer combination for enamel. Even if there is a sugar substitute in the lemonade, there is still the acid that destroys the enamel and leads to tooth sensitivity. A soda is best not to drink for at least 30 minutes after brushing your teeth.

4. Drink fruit juices

They are of course he althier than soda, but they are full of sugar. About the same as in lemonade. So drink fruit juices with water so you don't leave all the sugar in your mouth.

5. Potato Chips

The thin chips are first broken into small pieces that crawl between the teeth, and then, under the action of saliva, stick to them. The effect is like candy and marmalade. Such stuck-on bits of food are a breeding ground for bacterial plaque, so at the very least, rinse your mouth after breakfast.

6. Drink a lot of coffee

Your favorite morning cup of coffee, unfortunately, can harm your teeth. Due to caffeine, there is a feeling of dryness in the mouth, and the lack of saliva leads to the development of caries. And if you drink coffee with sugar, this process will speed up.

7. smoking

Need another reason to quit smoking? Please. Tobacco also dries out the oral mucosa and increases the amount of plaque on the teeth. And smokers often have periodontitis. Also, smoking increases the risk of throat or oral cancer and oral neoplasms in general.

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