Are you afraid of the dentist? This is the way to deal with this phobia

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Are you afraid of the dentist? This is the way to deal with this phobia
Are you afraid of the dentist? This is the way to deal with this phobia

Fear is a completely normal reaction when a person feels some kind of threat. And what greater threat than physical pain. This is the root of our reluctance to go to the dentist. There are thousands of reasons why this phobia can occur. But after all, it's time to stop and fight this feeling if you want to have nice and he althy teeth. This text gives valuable advice on how to "operate" from the phobia of dentists

First of all it should be noted that all phobias, according to psychologists, arise in childhood. You probably visited the dentist for the first time at a young age and this experience was imprinted in your subconscious mind as negative. The pain, the instruments, even basic rudeness on the part of the doctor could make you hate going to the dentist. So it's not surprising that even today as adults, you may feel reluctance and fear to have your teeth checked and treated.

The best thing you can do is realize that a lot of time has passed and things have changed drastically. The fact is that medicine has advanced and even the drugs are not the same as they were, say, 10 years ago. So dental treatment can be absolutely painless.

Secondly you have to swallow your pride and embarrassment and admit to the dentist that you are afraid. He, like any person, can also feel fear and understand how you feel. In this case, he will most likely offer you the best pain relievers, try to calm you down and carry out the procedure as quickly as possible. quick and painless for you.

If you are worried about the treatment, don't hesitate to ask questions about the procedures that will be done on you. This will alleviate the anxiety that comes from fear of the unknown.

And one tip. It is better not to eat before the procedures. This does not mean staying hungry all day. Take a small snack. It is important both to normalize the blood sugar content and to reduce pain sensitivity.

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