8 unexpected ways to reduce wrinkles

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8 unexpected ways to reduce wrinkles
8 unexpected ways to reduce wrinkles

Wrinkles appear for various reasons. First and foremost are the facial expressions you make as your muscles are involved. With a certain grimace, the skin is stretched in a certain way and wrinkles form over the years. So if you want to prolong the youth of your skin, learn to control the expression of your emotions, experts advise

You should also learn:

- avoid exposure to the open sun;

- use sunscreen;

- wear clothes that protect from the sun (long-sleeved blouses and pants);

- don't smoke;

- Use moisturizing creams.

These are the main things, but besides them there are other recommendations that are little known. Here they are:

Sleep on your back

If you sleep in the same position every night, so-called "sleep lines" may form on your face - wrinkles on the surface of the skin (usually in the temple area and on both sides of the face), which are not deleted after waking up. If you sleep on your side, such wrinkles can form on your cheeks and chin. And those who sleep on a pillow face deep forehead wrinkles between the eyebrows.

Eat more foods rich in Omega-3

Salmon is a rich source of protein needed to maintain he althy skin. It also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which nourish the skin and keep it elastic and vibrant, thus minimizing wrinkles.

Don't blink and use sunglasses

Frequent strain on all facial muscles, including the habit of blinking, leads to skin wrinkles. Don't forget the sunglasses. They not only protect the skin around the eyes from the harmful effects of sunlight, but also prevent you from having to squint.

Use AHA-acids (alpha hydroxy acids)

These natural acids remove dead skin cells, which helps to tighten pores and smooth wrinkles, especially around the eyes. Some forms of hydroxy acids can increase collagen production in the skin. This protein gives your skin softness and elasticity. However, using hydroxy acids makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight, so don't forget about sunscreen.

Don't over wash

Water strips the skin of moisture and natural sebum, which prevents the formation of wrinkles. If you wash too often, the protective layer of the skin simply "flows down the drain". Bottom line: use moisturizers after washing.

Don't forget about vitamin C

Creams containing vitamin C help the formation of collagen in the skin. Also, vitamin C protects the skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays, reduces redness, helps to get rid of pigment spots.

Soy - for skin protection

Soy improves the appearance of the skin and protects it from negative factors. Therefore, its content in skin care products or nutritional supplements (but not food) helps to compensate for the damage caused to the skin by the sun's rays. Improves skin texture and color.

Replace coffee with cocoa

Drink this delicious drink that reduces wrinkles. Research shows that cocoa, which contains many antioxidants, protects the skin from damage, moisturizes, improves the nutrition of skin cells and makes the skin smoother.

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