4 fail-safe grandmother's recipes against hair loss

4 fail-safe grandmother's recipes against hair loss
4 fail-safe grandmother's recipes against hair loss

To take care of your hair and prevent hair loss, you should try one of the natural remedies listed below.

1. Coconut milk

This sweet and refreshing drink, which is a liquid contained in coconuts, is a rich source of protein and antioxidants. These substances are beneficial for the he alth of our hair.

Take 100% natural coconut milk and use it as a hair tonic or conditioner.

2. onion

The active substances contained in onions improve blood supply to the scalp and stimulate collagen production. Thanks to this, our hair becomes stronger and he althier.

Cut 2-3 heads with rings and crush them well to get juice. Apply onion juice on scalp, wait 30 minutes and wash.

3. Rosemary

Like rosemary potion, rosemary oil can be effectively used to restore and treat hair. The healing properties of rosemary will improve the condition of the hair in general. Rosemary helps fight hair loss, prevents premature gray hair and stimulates growth.


Put a few sprigs of rosemary in a liter of water and heat it. Then let it boil. Use the rosemary broth daily for the final hair rinse.

4. Red grape juice with honey

Juicing therapy is an excellent addition to the mask treatment and other drugs we apply to the hair to combat hair loss. Juices normalize various processes in our body, as sources of nutrients that our body needs to acquire.

Red grape juice with honey is excellent for treating hair loss: the antioxidants in the juice improve the blood supply to the hair follicles, and the various vitamins nourish our hair.

Ingredients: 1 bunch of red grapes, honey.


Remove the grapes from the branch and cut them in half without removing the stones. Place the grapes in a blender as you prepare the mashed potatoes. Pour the resulting juice into a glass and add some honey to it.

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