Care for the face after 50 - 7 useful tips

Care for the face after 50 - 7 useful tips
Care for the face after 50 - 7 useful tips

Today, the half-century anniversary is not an occasion to stop taking care of our good appearance. Women at this wonderful age can freely compete with twenty-year-old maidens. A vivid example of this is Catherine Deneuve, Sofia Rotaru, Demi Moore, Meryl Streep

It is necessary to remember that crossing this age, the skin type changes, the thickness of the skin cover decreases, the muscles of the face weaken and the movement of oxygen and useful substances slows down

The reason for all these changes is menopause. Alcohol, smoking, depression, and uncontrolled eating have a huge negative impact. Improperly selected cosmetics - creams, lotions, tonics - also have negative effects.

Antiaging procedures should look something like this:

- wash with cold or lukewarm water;

- the face is not rubbed, but soaked with a soft cloth;

- gentle, skin-friendly products are used for washing, and then cream is applied;

- eye care

If you prefer folk remedies for facial skin care, read these tips too:

- with the help of herbs and fruits, the aging process can be noticeably slowed down

A fresh look can be achieved using chamomile, sage, mint, lemon balm compresses. Freeze the concoction into cubes to rub on your face in the morning.

- you can also prepare lotions at home. Suitable ingredients are cucumber, sea buckthorn and aloe. Each of these products is cut and poured with vodka in a ratio of 50:50 and left to stand for 10 days. Add water before use.

Don't forget to make masks regularly. Along with the cream, the mask is considered the main means of facial care after the 50s. A mask can also be made at home. For example, from apricot, banana, strawberries and half a spoonful of cream. We apply the kneaded substance for 25 minutes and then wash with warm water and apply a moisturizing cream. This procedure is done no more often than once a week.

Massage and gymnastics are good for the skin. The benefit of these procedures is to increase blood circulation and strengthen the muscles of the face. Apply a nourishing cream to the face and begin to rub it in using your fingers, moving them from the center of the chin to the temples and from the edge of the lips to the eyes.

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