There is a way to lose weight while you sleep

There is a way to lose weight while you sleep
There is a way to lose weight while you sleep

If you get used to sleeping 8.5 hours a day, you can speed up the weight loss process by half. Specialists from Harvard conducted a curious experiment that found that reducing the duration of a person's sleep by only 80 minutes adds almost 550 unused calories the next day. Participants in the experiment who spent 8.5 hours in bed lost weight twice as fast as those who slept for 5.5 hours - with the same calorie consumption. And a team of European neurophysiologists from the University of Uppsala, Sweden, found that lack of sleep at night leads to an increased need for food.

The hormone on which hunger depends is most actively developed in the morning after a sleepless night. As a result, the whole next day the person is pursued by a ravenous appetite, and control over satiety is seriously reduced. But if a person has full sleep for a whole week, during the phases of deep sleep, the processes of burning excess fat are activated. So we can say that most actively lose weight in sleep.

The cold is sculpting you

A warm blanket and a closed window are bad helpers for falling asleep and losing weight. In a cool room, a person spends part of the calories to store white fat (namely, those that accumulate on the thighs and buttocks) to burn brown fat, which is responsible for thermoregulation of the body. The extra centimeters really melt away while we sleep.

Darkness - assistant for a perfect figure

A group of German scientists studied the he alth of women who like to sleep in dark rooms. At 21%, they are less likely to gain weight than those who prefer to sleep with floor lamps or open windows.

Proper nutrition

To implement the "sleep and lose weight" method, a full night's sleep is necessary, but not enough. There are a few simple but important rules.

And here everything is very simple. For breakfast, you can eat anything except protein foods (cheese, sausage, eggs). It is important that breakfast is filling and contains enough carbohydrates that the body can convert into energy for the first half of the day. At lunch, combine a menu of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. At dinner, eat foods that contain a large number of he althy fats: avocado, vegetable oil, vegetable salad, fish. Potatoes, noodles, rice, in general everything that contains a lot of carbohydrates are under an absolute ban.

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