Warning: Hair dyeing leads to cancer

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Warning: Hair dyeing leads to cancer
Warning: Hair dyeing leads to cancer

Quite a large number of women prefer to dye their hair to change their appearance. They say it even helps change the mind. However, these cosmetic procedures can lead to serious he alth problems

In particular, scientists assure that hair coloring can cause cancer.

Research in this area was carried out by scientific specialists from the "Princess Grace Hospital", located in the center of London.

Scientists have found that women who constantly dye their hair get breast cancer 14% more often than others. This applies to those who dye their hair more than six times a year.

"Although further tests will be needed to confirm the results, we found that the use of hair dyes may contribute to breast cancer," says Prof. Kefa Mokbel.

It is recommended that women reduce the use of synthetic hair dyes to 2-6 times a year and undergo regular breast cancer screening after age 40. It would be preferable to choose hair dyes that contain a minimum concentration of aromatic amines - less than 2%."

Experts believe that it is possible to prevent the risk of cancer if you dye your hair no more than six times a year and use dyes with natural ingredients.

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