You've been wrong so far! 6 rules on how to properly wash your hair

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You've been wrong so far! 6 rules on how to properly wash your hair
You've been wrong so far! 6 rules on how to properly wash your hair

Every time we wash our hair, we hope it will be smooth and shiny like the models in the commercials. But unfortunately, this does not always happen. The key to beautiful hair actually lies in the subtleties of washing the head, which are often overlooked, even though they are an important part of hair care

1. Don't delay the comb

Before washing, the hair should be combed so that the shampoo can be evenly distributed on the scalp, and it will also be easier to wash.

2. Suitable water

The structure of the hair resembles a sponge, so it is not surprising that it has very good absorption. Tap water is saturated with harmful substances, so it is better to use boiled or other previously prepared water for washing. It should be warm but not hot.

3. Dilute the shampoo

Don't shampoo your hair right away. It is better to dilute it with a small amount of water in a separate container. This approach will also help you to evenly apply the product along the entire length of the hair.

4. massage

While washing the head, it is necessary to massage your scalp intensively with your fingers, paying special attention to those areas that are more difficult to heal. This will help you wash your head more thoroughly, as well as speed up blood circulation, which in turn helps activate hair growth.

5. Rinse

You can't say you're done without rinsing your hair. And this is necessary to remove the shampoo from your head. Before that, you can add extra shine to your hair by using additional products such as conditioner.

6. The right drying

Hair should be dried carefully with a clean towel and not rubbed in it. Before combing and brushing, let it dry a bit. Try to avoid using a hair dryer because hot air dries out your hair and makes it more brittle.

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