The right breakfast protects against caries

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The right breakfast protects against caries
The right breakfast protects against caries

What does it take to have he althy teeth? Clean them regularly and use a good toothpaste? Absolutely! But American scientists have come to the conclusion that an equal role for this is played by… regular breakfast!

What to give the child for breakfast if he does not want anything?

First, check the child's teeth. After examining 4,000 children ages 2 to 5, and then asking their parents, researchers from the Maryland Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that tooth decay was most common in those who consistently skipped breakfast.

If the children did not eat any fruit in the morning, the probability of tooth decay increases by at least 2 times. If the child eats breakfast regularly every day, the probability of caries is 18%.

However, if parents do not monitor what their son or daughter eats, the probability of tooth decay in the child increases to 34-36%.

A few years ago, a study by scientists showed that the same trend exists in teenagers - if a teenager forgets to eat breakfast in the morning, he is much more likely to need a dentist appointment.

During breakfast, it is good to have food rich in calcium - dairy products, cereals - to protect one's teeth.