7 parts of a woman's body that betray her age

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7 parts of a woman's body that betray her age
7 parts of a woman's body that betray her age

Every woman wants to look young as long as possible, but over time, the years stubbornly tell their story. This is mostly seen in some parts of the body. Therefore, some ladies prefer to resort to beauty treatments and even surgeries to hide their true age

These are the first places on your body where the marks of time are most visible.

The nose and ears

Your nose and ears give you away first. The reason is that they consist of cartilage, which has the property of stretching over the years. That's why older people have droopy clam ears and a long tip of the nose. For this reason, many stars, in order to look younger, do not only plastic surgery of the whole face, but also rhinoplasty.

Knees and elbows

More and deeper skin folds begin to form in these places because the knees and elbows are in constant motion and therefore the skin is stretched more. One tip that can help you tighten the skin in these places is to apply a cream every time after showering. It is also helpful to scrub these areas at least once a week.


The skin of the neck requires no less care than that of the face. From the wrinkles that form on it, it is very clear how old you really are. You don't need anything special to take care of your neck. You can use the usual products that you also put on your face. The main thing is to remember to take care of your neck every day.

Decolletage area

The skin on the chest and above can look old and deformed, especially if you go to a tanning bed often and expose it to the sun or if it is dehydrated. Use nourishing creams, drink plenty of water and limit sunbathing. Think about the care of the breasts themselves, use special serums and sprays.


Hair darkens over the years, loses its shape and turns white. To avoid this, you need to take care of her. Make masks to restore hair and condition your hair. Masks with olive extract and vitamins have the best effect. Also use shampoos and conditioners according to hair type.


Over the years, teeth begin to turn yellow. This process can be accelerated because of your love for sweets, coffee, cigarettes and wine. Limit yourself to these products and visit your dentist regularly. Modern technology allows you to whiten your teeth and restore their enamel so they look he althy and white.


The skin of the hands is exposed daily to adverse external influences. Washing dishes with detergent or washing hands with harsh soap all contribute to drying out the skin. Choose a good moisturizer and avoid contact with preparties (use gloves for housework).