Dermatologists list 5 things they would never do to their facial skin at home

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Dermatologists list 5 things they would never do to their facial skin at home
Dermatologists list 5 things they would never do to their facial skin at home

While we try to make our skin clean and smooth, we often put products on our face that actually have the opposite effect. "People do buy skin products, but it's more about the less-is-better rule," says dermatologist Brooke Jackson

Relying on every new magic face cream can do a lot of damage to your skin, adds Jeanine Dawn. Matching the products to your skin type is the main thing to do. Not to mention that there are some questionable products and tricks that dermatologists absolutely deny. These are 5 things that experts say are a waste of money, and even worse, could be damaging your skin.

Home Chemical Peel

“I never put a strong chemical peel on my face at home. Sometimes people buy such products online that should never be used at home. I have seen results as bad as redness and too much peeling and even long lasting scarring and skin discoloration. It can also cause an allergic reaction," says dermatologist Angella Lam.

Abrasive sponges

“I avoid abrasive sponges. They are too rough and may cause skin irritation. Not to mention that in the case of acne and eczema, these fungi, which are a breeding ground for bacteria, can make the situation much worse," advises Jeanine Dawn.

Collagen Moisturizers

I believe the collagen molecule is too big to be used as a base. The active ingredient doesn't penetrate the skin and you've actually bought an overpriced moisturizer," says Manjula Jegasot.

Abrasive face masks

There is no point in using abrasive face masks that can only irritate your skin and lead to hyperpigmentation. Most people who have tried them have acne, and patients with this can't just "brush it off". You are overtreating your skin. Instead, clean it by washing it with your hands and then patting it dry with a soft towel, just blotting, not rubbing,” says Brooke Jackson.

Home Medical Needle Skin Cleanser

I believe that using these devices at home poses a risk of infections because they create small holes in the skin. This means that you create small wounds that can become contaminated. We perform such procedures, but in a controlled and disinfected environment, which is safer," Ava Shamban points out.

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