Many have this habit while falling asleep, and it's damn harmful

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Many have this habit while falling asleep, and it's damn harmful
Many have this habit while falling asleep, and it's damn harmful

Sleep is one of the most important activities that helps us recover for the next day. It is characterized by slowing down the activity of the body and organism

During sleep, the movement of the body is greatly reduced, the reaction to external stimuli is weakened, the level of catabolite processes decreases and the level of anabolic processes increases.

Other reactions are relaxation of the muscles and slowing down of the breathing process. In humans, mammals, birds, fish and a number of invertebrates, periodic sleep is necessary for the survival of the organism.

At the same time, the duration of sleep and its quality are important. For example, falling asleep to the monotonous hum of the TV is a popular habit among the older generation. But even young but tired people often fail to turn off the TV before falling into the arms of Morpheus.

Looks like there's nothing terrible here. Well, the man fell asleep, just think. Wakes up - turns off the TV and will watch dreams. Meanwhile, scientists of all stripes unanimously declare the dangers of falling asleep in front of a working TV.

“Man is made in such a way that he just has to sleep in complete darkness. Sunrise affects the light receptors, causing the brain to receive a signal to wake up. Then the release of serotonin is blocked, causing a person to dream. The same thing happens with the light from the TV. Therefore, a person simply cannot get enough sleep,”says Dr. Guy Meadows, who studies sleep problems.

What problems will the TV on bring

Bad sleep

The blue light from the TV is just screaming at our bodies to stay awake and not sleep. Therefore, it cannot be a question of high-quality and deep sleep. And although from the outside it looks like a person is sleeping sweetly, this is not a dream that will give strength and make you rested in the morning.

Excess brain stimulation

Our brain needs darkness to rest. Only under such conditions can he relax and clear himself of unnecessary information. However, the blue light from the "box" signals to the brain that it should not relax. And he is forced to maintain his vigor with his last strength. Naturally, one will feel exhausted in the morning.

Restless and frightening dreams

Some people fall asleep in front of the TV and others watch movies and TV shows late into the night. In any case, such activity has a bad effect on the psyche, disrupts sleep. Such people have more difficulty falling asleep, have more nightmares, and struggle with fatigue every day.

But the problems are not limited to these unpleasant consequences. Disruption of rest affects he alth in various ways. Some people gain a few pounds, some get insomnia or even sleepwalking, and some fall into prolonged depression.

Therefore, all moviegoers who do not feel rested in the morning should pay more attention to what environment they sleep in. Try to turn off all technology at least an hour before bed and sleep in a dark and quiet room. Your body will thank you in the morning.

For those who cannot (or do not want to) give up TV in the evening, there is also a solution. You can use the device's timer so that the TV turns off automatically after a certain period of time. Fortunately, such a feature is available on every more or less modern device.

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