What time is better to wake up in the morning?

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What time is better to wake up in the morning?
What time is better to wake up in the morning?

Human biological processes are cyclical and correspond to solar and lunar rhythms. A person's belonging to a certain biorhythm is determined by the chronotype - the level of working ability in a certain period of the day or night

According to this qualification, three types of people are roughly defined - larks, owls or pigeons.

Human biorhythms

Larks wake up early, almost at sunrise, before noon they can work on many things. And at 9 in the evening they have already made their beds and are getting ready for sleep.

Owls are their opposites: in the morning it is better not to hang them, they are irritable and inactive, in the second half of the day they feel a surge of energy and strength, they go to bed after midnight.

Pigeons get up neither early nor late - they are active all day long, they go to bed an hour before midnight.

"We are not able to change our 24-hour rhythms and wake up at a certain time. Our liver and heart obey a different sequence of work and we tell them to move 2-3 hours back or forward."

According to Kelly, society should be reconstructed under the pigeon regime, as the most optimal option, so as not to harm either owls or larks.

“We all live in a society that suffers from lack of sleep. This problem is causing problems for people all over the world. The most common type of voluntary torture is getting up early and starting the workday before 10 o'clock, the doctor says.

He claims that the rhythmicity of mental, physical and chemical processes in the body is genetically defined. Disruption of the biological clock and circadian rhythm adversely affects the brain, hormonal balance, energy levels and sense of time.

At the end of the 18th century, the eight-hour work day and shift work began to be introduced in civilized countries, without taking into account the biological cycles of the human body. Business started to grow so it was profitable to work 24/7.

We have moved away from nature and ancestors who were guided by the sun's rays, not business strategy.

School performance and participation in the learning process increased. Also, children have become more active and fun, depression levels have decreased.

Paul Kelly suggests applying this rule as much as possible in other areas of activity to prevent people from overdoing and abusing coffee and energy drinks.

According to him, the result will be justified. People will become more productive, motivated, purposeful and satisfied with life. They will work better and bring more benefits to society.

Biorhythms and human performance are directly related. You should try to regulate your body's regimen and daily routine to protect your he alth.

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