Luminaries in BG medicine named 2 powerful vitamins against the coronavirus

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Luminaries in BG medicine named 2 powerful vitamins against the coronavirus
Luminaries in BG medicine named 2 powerful vitamins against the coronavirus

Cases of coronavirus both in the world and in our country are increasing. There is still no universal medicine and vaccine, and people are on the verge of panic. The World He alth Organization has declared COVID-19 a pandemic

Amid the global panic, a number of doctors and experts gave their opinion on what to do and how to protect ourselves from the new infection. Cardiologist Prof. Mladen Grigorov and Prof. Todor Kantarjiev named 2 powerful vitamins against the coronavirus.

The most important thing is to limit their going out and not get into large groups of people. Also, I say to everyone: Buy and drink vitamin C and D. Of course, vitamin C is in all fruits and vegetables, but adding more - up to 1 gram per day - is not to be neglected.

Vitamin D, for example 5 drops a day works well - I use them too. They do work, strengthen immunity. Vitamins are also useful for everyone with chronic diseases, with diabetes too.

Assoc. Dr. Snezhina Mihailova: With vitamin D deficiency, we get sick more often

Naturally, hygienic habits are of great importance. Washing your hands is a must, whether it's 20 or 30 times…that's all. Regarding masks, opinions differ.

For now, the prevailing opinion is that they protect us more from infecting others if we are sick than ourselves. If someone sneezes in your face, the mask will protect your mouth and nose, but not your eyes.

This is an airborne infection. Multi-layer masks are good, but practically they are not found. Probably, with every single infection, the amount of infected material is also important, i.e. the one that will eventually infect you.

I'm saying it figuratively - it's one thing if they attack 100 viruses of one type - for example 100 coronaviruses, it's another if they attack 100,000. Whether it will be by sneezing or touching, that matters. The most important thing after hygiene measures is for those who have chronic diseases and are in the third age - for them, the precautions should be many times greater.

In turn, epidemiologist Prof. Todor Kantarjiev also gives his recommendations.

"More ventilation in offices and homes, and trains, trams and all public transport vehicles should also open the windows," the expert points out.

He explained what to do for elderly people who feel sick to act immediately and not wait until the last moment. If symptoms of difficulty breathing appear, adults should call the GP and a relative and wait at home to be taken to the hospital by specialized transport.

"A little vitamin C, a little vitamin D, open windows," the epidemiologist also recommended.

He explained that usually patients over 80 years of age, when they have double bronchopneumonia, need to be given oxygen, which not only the hospitals in the capital, but also all regional medical facilities are able to do. It is precisely in order not to reach this condition that people over 60 should not wait for it to get worse.

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