How can we recognize useful dairy products?

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How can we recognize useful dairy products?
How can we recognize useful dairy products?

Only a genetic test can give an exact answer, whether milk is beneficial or contraindicated for humans

Medical Xpress recently published the results of a study by Spanish scientists who concluded that moderate consumption of milk and low-fat products reduces the likelihood of developing certain diseases, including type 2 diabetes and cancer - colorectal cancer and bladder cancer.

According to the Russian nutritionist Rimma Moysenko, drinking milk should be approached carefully - its absorption by the body depends to a large extent on genetics. It is necessary to carry out a genetic test to know for sure whether a person can drink milk and whether it will benefit him.

For example, there is a category of people who are lactose intolerant but digest casein well. They can use dairy products that do not contain lactose: cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir,”says the nutritionist.

Rimma Moisenko added that dairy products, which are a source of calcium, make it possible to improve the state of bone metabolism. However, a person may have an intolerance to these foods, in which case the calcium will be extracted from the bone tissue. With this type of intolerance, says the nutritionist, milk and all products based on it are better avoided, and calcium obtained from other food sources.

Regarding fat, Rimma Moisenko is convinced: you should focus on products with normal, not "zero" fat. The expert recommends using milk not lower than the average fat content - 2.5%, and cottage cheese - from 5 to 9% fat. - Then the same calcium will be absorbed - says Moisenko.

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