10 reasons why the vaccine is more dangerous than the flu itself

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10 reasons why the vaccine is more dangerous than the flu itself
10 reasons why the vaccine is more dangerous than the flu itself

The cold season is upon us and more and more people are thinking about what measures to take to avoid getting sick. One of the options, which seems like the fastest and simplest solution, is the injection of a vaccine. But is this injection really that harmless?

Many medical experts now agree that it is more important to protect yourself and your family from the vaccine than from the flu itself.

Every year the pharmaceutical industry, medical professionals and the media work hard to convince us to get the flu shot. But they all don't tell us the whole truth.

What we don't hear about are the adverse reactions or the toxic chemicals being injected into us.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with 10 reasons why vaccines are more dangerous than the flu itself

Actually, the vaccine makes you sick

Have you noticed how vaccinated children get sick almost immediately after the injection? This is because the flu virus is injected into their bodies. So, instead of immunizing, the vaccine actually only enhances the body's response to the virus. And the fact that it causes patients to become ill after the vaccine indicates immunosuppression (i.e. lowering of immunity).

Vaccines contain dangerous ingredients like mercury

The pharmaceutical industry, medical professionals and the mainstream media tend to tell us that flu vaccines contain strains of the flu virus. What they're less likely to reveal, however, is the long list of other ingredients that come with the vaccine. It is now a known fact that flu vaccines contain mercury, a heavy metal known to be dangerous to human he alth. Mercury toxicity can cause depression, memory loss, cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, oral problems, digestive imbalances and other serious he alth problems.

Vaccine can cause Alzheimer's disease

Studies conducted by Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, a leading immunogeneticist, show that those who regularly get the flu shot increase their risk of developing Alzheimer's tenfold. He believes this is due to the toxic combination of aluminum and mercury in the vaccine. Additionally, introducing the flu virus to the elderly (who will naturally have weaker immune systems as they age) will increase a person's chances of becoming susceptible to a more severe illness.

Lack of real evidence that even for young children the vaccine is effective

51 studies involving 260,000 children aged 6 to 23 months did not show that the flu vaccine was more effective than a placebo. Also, flu vaccines only protect against certain strains of the virus, which means you can still easily get the flu if you come into contact with a different virus.

Makes you more susceptible to pneumonia and other infectious diseases

For someone who already has a suppressed immune system, injecting strains of the flu virus can have devastating effects. If your body is already working to fight off a virus or you simply have low immunity, injecting a vaccine can put you in serious danger of contracting pneumonia and other infectious diseases.

Court Violations

Medical studies show that flu vaccines are associated with an increased risk of vascular inflammation. Symptoms include fever, jaw pain, muscle aches, pain and stiffness in the neck, upper arms, shoulder and hips, and headache.

Children under 1 year old are at risk

Children under the age of 1 are highly vulnerable to neurotoxic disruption of the delicate nerve center surrounding the brain and central nervous system. The first round of flu vaccine is given at 6 months of age. A child under the age of 1 does not have enough protection to protect against premature damage to the blood-brain barrier.

Increased risk of narcolepsy

There are dozens of reported cases of children in 12 different countries who developed narcolepsy (a chronic sleep disorder) after receiving the flu vaccine. A study conducted between October 2009 and December 2011 compared 3.3 million vaccinated Swedes with 2.5 million who were not vaccinated. The risk is highest among the youngest people who received the vaccines. For those under the age of 21, the risk of narcolepsy is three times higher.

Weakens immune responses

There are literally thousands of published medical journals that show that injectable vaccines can lead to harmful immunological reactions and a host of other infections. Furthermore, poor immunological responses only reduce a person's ability to fight off the diseases the vaccine is supposed to protect against.

Serious neurological disorders

Evidence shows that ingredients in flu vaccines can actually cause serious neurological disorders. In 1976, a significant number of those who received the flu vaccine developed Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a disorder characterized by permanent nerve damage and even paralysis. Vaccines can contain many harmful materials, including detergent, mercury, formaldehyde, and live strains of influenza virus.

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