Experienced housewives cook meat every day, but very few people know how broth can harm us

Experienced housewives cook meat every day, but very few people know how broth can harm us
Experienced housewives cook meat every day, but very few people know how broth can harm us

Meat broth is a very popular food today. Experienced cooks consider it a real find. The broth copes with diseases of the intestines and stomach, it perfectly stimulates the appetite.

Due to the high nutritional value of the broth, it is recommended even for colds. And although so far we have only talked about benefits, the harms of this food are not fully known to us.

We suggest you look at this food from another perspective to have an idea of the pros and cons.


As delicious as beef broth is, the harm from it can be much more than it seems at first. No wonder that in some European countries they have given up this food completely. Yes, broth is nutritious. This is because in the process of cooking meat, a large number of its substances saturate the liquid, but not all of them are useful for the body.

And the more harmful elements accumulate in the meat of an animal for its life, the greater the danger to humans. Therefore, the more saturated the broth, the more harmful it is. But the meat after such treatment becomes clean of harmful components.

But even if the animals are not fed with nutritional supplements, it should be known that the fat in the meat provokes the appearance of such problems as gastritis or peptic ulcer. Since the broth is quickly digested, the liver cannot filter it properly, so the harmful substances found in the meat begin to "flow" into our body and damage the organs.

Believing that when you have a cold you should drink meat broth also seems pretty weird. After all, the broth from the meat is digested too much, which is especially negative for the immune system weakened by the disease. Therefore, the use of vegetable broths for colds is of much greater benefit.

Damage from bone broth

Broths from animal bones are also popular. But heavy metals, arsenic and mercury compounds, as well as dozens of other harmful substances accumulate in the bones, even in small amounts, throughout the life of the animal.

Damage from Chicken Broth

The situation with poultry broths is no better. The harm from the chicken broth we love so much is not a myth, but a reality. Poultry farms widely use the antibiotic tetracycline, which completely changes from meat to water in 30 minutes of cooking. Particles from other food additives, the remains of vaccines and others also pass into the broth. It is doubtful that such food will be useful.

As you have seen, meat broth can be harmful. But if you prepare it from quality meat, observing all culinary rules, then such food will be not only nutritious, but also useful. The main thing is not to abuse. And if there are any doubts, it is better to cook vegetable soup. It's also much more useful!

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