Stop immediately! Ten fatal mistakes you are making that are damaging your hair

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Stop immediately! Ten fatal mistakes you are making that are damaging your hair
Stop immediately! Ten fatal mistakes you are making that are damaging your hair

Hair is one of the parts of a person's body that are first noticed by others. That's why people, especially women, go to great lengths to keep their hair in good shape

However, all the procedures we apply and the environment damage the hair and give an unhe althy look to our hair.

We bring you a list of 10 ways we knowingly or unknowingly damage our hair every day. Check them out, and if you can stop practicing them:

Combing wet hair

This is one of the most common mistakes. When hair is wet, it breaks more easily. Regular combing of wet hair will lead to hair thinning and blooms.

Wet Hair Straightening

Never reach for the flat iron and curling iron when your hair is wet. This will burn the hair. It is even possible to break the hair. Always dry your hair first before you decide to treat it with a curling iron or flat iron. It's best to put some heat protection product on your hair as well.

Hair bleaching

If you decide to change your hair color and use a bleaching product, it can cause hair damage. Chemicals penetrate the hair cuticles and damage the hair's natural pigment. Once bleached, hair loses its natural strength and freshness for a long period of time.

Permanently tied hair

If you constantly wear your hair in a tight ponytail or braid, it can negatively affect the hair's natural elasticity. This interferes with the he alth of the hair, and in the long term it can lead to blooms and damage to the hair structure. To combat this problem, wear your hair down more often.

You brush your hair too often

Combing the hair is good for the scalp and hair, but it should not be overdone. On the one hand, combing helps to distribute the sebum along the length of the hair and for the natural nourishment of the hair. On the other hand, overdoing the comb/brush can break the hair and this can also lead to the appearance of blooms.

Washing hair too often

One of the most frequently asked questions is how often should we wash our hair? The best answer in this case is - in moderation. Washing too often disrupts the balance of sebum production and this can lead to either over-drying or over-oiling of the hair. Daily washing is not desirable, so it is good to wash your hair at least every 2 days (less often if you can).

You rarely go to the hairdresser

Many women underestimate regular visits to the hairdresser. At least every 2-3 months (if you can and even every 40 days) visit your hairdresser to trim the ends. Thus, the hairdresser will be able to remove damaged ends and blooms. Your hair will be both refreshed and he althier.

You don't use hair mask/conditioner

It is advisable to finish washing your hair with conditioner every time you shower. They create a protective layer around the hair and protect it from environmental factors.

You dye your hair too often

To get a good hair color, the molecules of the hair dye need to open the cuticles (the outer layer of the hair) slightly. Dyeing too often makes the hair more sensitive to chemicals and damages it. The best way to protect your hair is by choosing quality and gentle dyes, as well as by taking good care of your hair in everyday life - nourishment, special cosmetic care for dyed hair. At least once a month, nourish the hair in depth with serums.

You don't protect your hair from the sun

Hair, just like the skin, needs good protection from the sun's rays. This is true in any season, but especially in summer. While you can use a conditioner or mask with a sun protection factor, it's important to wear a hat whenever possible, especially on days when your hair is exposed to the sun for a long time.

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