How to eat during quarantine so as not to "break" the scale

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How to eat during quarantine so as not to "break" the scale
How to eat during quarantine so as not to "break" the scale

In connection with the coronavirus, many companies have decided to have employees work from home. Pupils and students at universities switched to distance learning

According to doctors, prolonged stay at home and lack of physical activity can lead to overweight. That's why nutritionists advise you on how to eat properly if you're in quarantine.

In order not to gain extra pounds while at home, you need to stick to proper nutrition. According to nutritionists, you should not buy too much food from the store, especially your favorite. It is better to buy products more often, but less if you are not quarantined for he alth reasons.

Doctors recommend eating every three hours in small portions to avoid overeating. For example, you should not abuse fruits and nuts. They are very high in calories and do not create a feeling of fullness, so there is a risk of weight gain.

Also, while in quarantine, you should drink enough water. Dehydration also causes overeating. If you're a coffee lover, replace milk with skim and use sweeteners instead of sugar.

Nutritionists also advise keeping a food diary and counting calories. The average daily intake is approximately 2000 calories.

Also, doctors recommend adding at least minimal physical activity to your daily routine. For example, you can start exercising in the morning or warm up between work.

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