These plastic surgeries will be a hit in 2020

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These plastic surgeries will be a hit in 2020
These plastic surgeries will be a hit in 2020

As noted by plastic surgeons, today their services are in particular demand. Selfies, live broadcasts, online life contribute to women's desire to look perfect

According to her, the natural look will be especially popular. Huge lips and oversized breasts are no longer in fashion. However, this does not mean that girls will stop visiting plastic surgeons, just that the interventions will become much cheaper.

“Today, many young girls turn to clinics and come not for treatment, but for prevention. Therefore, a new trend in cosmetic surgery will be outlined in 2020: non-corrective, but preventive procedures will become popular,” said Dr. Gower.

According to her, rhinoplasty, mammoplasty, upper and lower blepharoplasty will remain some of the most famous operations.

One of the most popular procedures will be liposuction. The trend for a perfect body will definitely become fashionable. It is also known that obesity is becoming a veritable epidemic.

The doctor notes that the number of patients in plastic surgery clinics will increase next year. Not only women, but also men turn to surgeons. As a rule, they look for a change in the lower jaw, the chin and the elimination of the sagging oval face.

In addition, an operation that expresses dimples on the cheeks is becoming popular. Many people prefer to reduce the distance between the nose and the upper lip.

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