Which product prevents obesity

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Which product prevents obesity
Which product prevents obesity

Being overweight is a common problem. It affects not only adults, but also increasingly children. This alarming statistic has prompted scientists from Canada to conduct a study, the results of which show that there is a product that reduces obesity

In the course of studying this question, scientists analyzed the results of 28 studies that were done in seven countries. More than 21 thousand children aged one to 18 participated in the experiments.

These studies show that a child's consumption of reduced-fat milk does not affect their weight in adulthood.

However, whole milk reduces the risk of future obesity by 40 percent. It turns out that the product is not only rich in various trace elements, but also helps prevent obesity.

The results of the study completely refute the recommendations of doctors who advise children to drink only skim milk after two years of age.

At the moment, only the fact of the usefulness of whole milk has been statistically proven. Scientists still need to find out the causes of obesity prevention, as this issue is very important for medicine.

If scientists can confirm their theory experimentally, it will lead to a change in methods of preventing weight gain in children.

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