10 diuretic foods to lose weight and lower blood pressure

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10 diuretic foods to lose weight and lower blood pressure
10 diuretic foods to lose weight and lower blood pressure

Using diuretics is absolutely one of the best ways to lose weight and lower blood pressure. The best thing about using diuretic foods is that it is completely natural and they have no harmful side effects

Don't even touch these foods if you're sick - it'll get worse

Increased water weight disappears practically in an instant when using these foods and is much safer than taking any kind of pill.

While medications may be effective in some cases, most people prefer to take care of their he alth naturally, and there is no easier way than to naturally expel whatever is in your body that causes weight gain or hypertension.

The following is a list of some of the best diuretic foods that will help you lose weight while also working wonders to help lower your blood pressure.

10 of the best diuretic foods for weight loss and hypertension

1. Celery

Celery is one of the foods with the highest water content of all foods and works as a great diuretic. Celery can be eaten raw, added to purees or liquefied in a juicer. When consumed regularly, celery is great for weight loss.

2. Carrots

Carrots are an excellent diuretic, contain high amounts of vitamin A, and are packed with the nutrients your body needs to stay he althy. Carrot juice is a great way to get what you need to lose weight and lower blood pressure.

Adding carrots to your diet will greatly help your weight gain and hypertension condition.

3. Cucumber

Cucumber is full of water and helps a lot in detoxifying the system. This is really helpful in improving the function of our excretory system as well as improving the symptoms of diabetes.

Cucumbers are also full of antioxidants that will keep your body he althy.

4. Cranberry Juice

We all know that cranberry juice is really good for urinary tract disorders and acts as a diuretic that flushes out harmful bacteria from the body. Cranberry juice is also wonderful for weight loss and will help significantly improve hypertension.

Cranberries are one of the fruits with the highest antioxidant content and should be consumed as part of a regular diet.

5. Beet

Beets are excellent for the body and act as an unexpected diuretic. Using fresh beets is the best way to get the benefits you need. Adding beetroot to food or taking it as juice a few times a week is a great way to lose weight.

6. Asparagus

Asparagus is full of nutrients and vitamins and also acts as a diuretic. They really work great to help you lose weight.

Don't worry if you find a strange smell in your urine after eating asparagus, this is completely natural and will disappear after the asparagus moves through your body.

7. Artichoke

Obviously, adding more vegetables to your diet is a great way to lose weight and help lower blood pressure. Artichokes are delicious, full of antioxidants and act as a diuretic.

8. Lemon

Lemon should be a big part of everyone's diet. It is a great system alkalizing fruit and also acts as a powerful diuretic. Lemons are great for lowering blood pressure and will help clear urinary tract problems.

Starting your day with a glass of warm water with half a lemon squeezed into it is one of the best ways. Skip that morning cup of coffee and opt for lemon water instead. You will notice the great benefit to your he alth.

9. Ginger

Ginger is one of the best natural digestive aids. It acts as a diuretic to help rid your body of harmful toxins.

Taking ginger as a tea is a great way to get its diuretic benefits and can be easily prepared at home with a freshly chopped root steeped in hot water for about fifteen minutes.

Ginger tea is also available for purchase at most he alth food stores. You can also add it to carrot juice and drinking this mixture will give you double the benefits.

10. Garlic

Garlic has been eaten for centuries as a powerful antioxidant that really helps boost immune function. Garlic also acts as a diuretic, which will help flush your body of toxins and restore your he alth.

Garlic is best taken raw and eating a clove of garlic a day is extremely beneficial for overall he alth.

If you can't stand the taste of garlic or feel that eating it is too much for you, you can get it in supplement form at any supermarket or he alth food store.

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