How easy it is to lose weight for the New Year 2020

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How easy it is to lose weight for the New Year 2020
How easy it is to lose weight for the New Year 2020

If you think it is too late to lose weight for New Year 2020, then you are very wrong. A few secrets of nutritionist Katerina Pashko will help you look stunning

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The basic rules for losing weight:

It is necessary to mark all your goals before the New Year. -5 kg is quite real.

Find out what is preventing you from shedding extra pounds.

Eliminate sugar, fizzy drinks from your diet.

Eat a lot of vegetables, most importantly seasonal ones (cabbage, pumpkin, beets).

Don't forget to drink plenty of water.

We also suggest you familiarize yourself with a 7-day cleansing diet for permanent weight loss. Here it is:

First day - "liquid"

All liquids are accepted in unlimited quantities. Of course, it is preferable to bet on natural ones, without the content of artificial ingredients, on pure water and herbal teas. Drink broths too.

Second day - vegetable

Eat all kinds of salads, it is good to include cabbage in them as it helps burn fat.

Third day - again "liquid"

Fourth day - fruitful

Take fruits, including grapefruit is good.

Fifth day - protein

Eggs, boiled chicken fillet are consumed, you can also include yogurt.

Sixth day - "liquid"

Seventh day - transitional.

The seventh day is transitional, as you switch to normal eating. This should happen smoothly, so the following menu is recommended:

breakfast - tea and 2 boiled eggs;

second breakfast - fruit;

lunch - broth or you can make a light soup with rice or buckwheat;

afternoon snack - fruit;

dinner - salad seasoned with oil/olive oil and a little s alt if you like.

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