What vegetables should not be put in a dish together

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What vegetables should not be put in a dish together
What vegetables should not be put in a dish together

We all know from childhood that you should eat vegetables to be he althy and strong

They are like a storehouse for vitamins and useful amino acids, they strengthen our immunity, improve the functioning of the body and increase the overall tone

However, many will be surprised by the fact that a simple salad with fresh vegetables can not only not be useful, but also harm the body.

Here are what vegetables should not be put in a dish together and which ones should be careful

Cucumbers and tomatoes

By themselves, these two vegetables are absolutely safe, but if you combine them in one dish, you may encounter unpleasant consequences.

The reason is that cucumbers are classified as alkaline and tomatoes as acidic, this combination of vegetables leads to the formation of s alts that are precipitated and not digested.


Beets are contraindicated for those who have increased acidity in the body, have chronic diseases and problems with stool incontinence, as it causes a laxative effect.


Those with low blood pressure and stomach problems should be careful with garlic.

Excessive use of garlic can cause high fever, allergic reaction, heartburn, nausea, as well as migraine and dizziness.


Onions are not recommended to be eaten by people with ulcers, gastritis, kidney and liver diseases.

The thing is, this vegetable has the ability to increase acidity and irritate the digestive organs.


This vegetable significantly lowers blood pressure, so hypotensives should strictly limit the amount of its consumption.


Excessive consumption of carrots leads to drowsiness, lethargy, nausea and headache. This vegetable also increases stomach acidity and causes yellowing of the skin.

Apart from anything else, excessive consumption of carrots will put a lot of strain on the weak intestines due to the high fiber content.


Horseradish should not be consumed by those who have kidney disease or chronic diseases of the digestive tract.

Horseradish is contraindicated in pregnant women. And every person should know that abuse of such a product as horseradish can cause an increase in blood pressure and even bleeding.

Still, is it possible to eat all these vegetables? Of course you can, most importantly - do not abuse them. And for those of you who find it hard for your body to process them, it's best to replace them with something else.

He althy lifestyle has become popular among people of different age groups today. It is commendable that society strives for development and improvement.

But at the same time, there are many stereotypes that do not give a full start to living he althy.

For example, many people mistakenly believe that there is absolutely he althy food, as is the case with vegetables, and absolutely harmful. But that's not entirely true.

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