How many cherries can we eat a day?

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How many cherries can we eat a day?
How many cherries can we eat a day?

The cherry is a favorite fruit of many, which appears in shops and markets in just a few summer weeks. However, its excessive use can lead to undesirable consequences for both the figure and he alth.

How many cherries can we eat a day?

When choosing the optimal size for a daily portion of cherries, nutritionist, member of the National Society of Dietitians Olga Dekker advises to be guided by the recommendations of the World He alth Organization (WHO). "The World He alth Organization recommends that he althy people eat 400 to 800 grams of vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries," says the expert

It is worth remembering that during the day a person can eat other vegetables and fruits, which will reduce the size of the possible portion of cherries. It's also worth watching the amount of carbohydrates in your diet.

“We need to get fiber from the fruits, vegetables and herbs in our diet. But there is an opportunity to lose weight or reduce sugar in people with diabetes," says Olga Dekker. They should be careful with foods high in carbohydrates that include cherries.

People with diabetes should completely avoid sweet varieties of cherries, and allergy sufferers are better off avoiding brightly colored fruits. According to Rospotrebnadzor, eating a large portion of cherries can also lead to diarrhea. Such an unwanted effect can appear after 300-400 grams of this berry eaten at one time.

Can those who want to lose weight eat cherries?

100 grams of sweet cherry contains about 50 kilocalories. To enjoy this berry without harming the figure, Olga Dekker recommends adding protein and fiber to it. This can be done, for example, by preparing a dessert with flax or chia seeds, cottage cheese or yogurt. Such a meal will be more satisfying, accordingly, you are less likely to eat too many carbohydrates.

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