Overconsumption of fruits and vegetables irritates the intestines

Overconsumption of fruits and vegetables irritates the intestines
Overconsumption of fruits and vegetables irritates the intestines

Recently, it often happens to me after eating that I get a sharp pain in my stomach, but not immediately, but approximately 15-20 minutes after eating. Are these the signs of a stomach ulcer? Does it matter when and how the pain occurs?

I am also worried about another problem - some time after I eat fruit, my stomach swells and I get gas. What could be the reason for this?

Iliyana Atanasova, city of Shumen

The symptoms you describe are indeed characteristic of a stomach ulcer. During the examination, the specialist always questions the patient in detail: what is the pain, when does it appear, is it related to eating, does it appear at night, is it aggravated by some physical or emotional stress?

After these questions, the doctor can make a preliminary diagnosis. For example, if a person has night pains in the area of the solar plexus that go to the back, "hungry" pain, always feeling hungry - these are the characteristic symptoms of a duodenal ulcer.

And if after eating there is heaviness, discomfort, a feeling of stretching, the appetite is reduced or completely absent, this is most often characteristic of gastritis with reduced acid-producing function.

When there are sharp, continuous pains in the upper part of the abdomen, which then turn into apprehension, a person becomes overexcited, restless, no-shpa tablets do not help either, the condition worsens, the pain intensifies, most often these are indications of pancreatitis. This situation requires immediate medical attention and sometimes hospitalization.

Regarding your question about discomfort after eating fruits, we clarify that a large percentage of people do not always tolerate well the large amounts of fiber found in vegetables and fruits, and as a result they get intestinal dyspepsia.

Usually this is a temporary phenomenon and the symptoms gradually disappear. In fact, in its raw form, fiber is a stimulant for intestinal motility.

It happens that the reaction is caused by unripe fruits, for example, apricots. Then it is necessary to monitor the degree of ripeness of the fruits. Pears are fruits that are harder to digest than apples, and plums are a natural laxative.

Some people cannot tolerate peaches, but many (especially those with low acidity of gastric juice) - melons. Mushrooms are a very heavy food, because they contain a large amount of fiber, which requires the release of more enzymes, juices and great intestinal efforts to process them.

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