Dreams that indicate you have a he alth problem

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Dreams that indicate you have a he alth problem
Dreams that indicate you have a he alth problem

Sleep is a state inherent to every person, without it we cannot survive. A third of our life is spent sleeping, and that's about 20 years

And while we sleep we dream. At the same time, however, five minutes after the end of the dream, a person forgets 50% of its content, and after ten minutes, he forgets 90%.

Research in the field has established that dreams are generally considered the series of images, feelings, sounds and colors that occur while the organism is asleep. But since they are not fully studied, many people give them a symbolic meaning such as fortune telling etc

However, recent studies by experts have concluded that some dreams are a symptom of a he alth problem.

This is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It is characterized by constant intrusive thoughts - obsessions - that frighten the person.

The patient experiences a feeling of constant anxiety, which he tries to get rid of by performing certain actions - compulsions. Repeating the same compulsive movements can tire and depress the person with OCD, but they can't stop.

But what dreams can become symptoms of such a disorder.

The most well-known manifestation of OCD is the uncontrollable tendency to constantly wash hands. But this number can include any action - repeating specific words or verses, checking the lock on the door.

That is, the person realizes that he has repeatedly made sure that the door is well closed, but nevertheless he is afraid that it is not actually locked. Or the need to take a certain number of steps.

In this case, a simple effort of will does not help, although the person is aware of his condition. Over time, the obsessive desire to control yourself and your loved ones even in small things can seriously complicate a person's life.

The person with OCD also experiences constant anxiety while sleeping. Therefore, his dreams are colored with a strong sense of guilt or shame, they are extremely emotional. In dreams, such a person often fights with some kind of fear, but is defeated, experiences sharp disappointment after waking up.

Sometimes in a dream, an OCD patient experiences conflicting desires and is tormented by the impossibility of fulfilling them simultaneously.

But there are also more complicated cases. OCD can provoke the appearance of obsessive dreams in which a person receives superpowers with the help of which he can control everyone around him.

An integrated approach is used to treat OCD: cognitive behavioral therapy combined with physical therapy and exercise. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe medication.

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