Bruises on the body are a serious symptom

Bruises on the body are a serious symptom
Bruises on the body are a serious symptom

Specialists in this field claim that there are no gratuitous bruises. One of the most common causes is hemorrhagic vasculitis. This disease leads to fragility of the vessels, due to which bruises appear on the legs, abdomen, back. First, tests are done and if necessary, the patient is referred to a rheumatologist.

Disorders in the blood clotting system is another common cause of easy bruising. Large "spilled" bruises can appear in people regularly taking anticoagulants - preparations for thinning the blood. Including aspirin.

For a long time it was recommended to protect against thrombosis, heart attacks and strokes. Nowadays, however, doctors refuse to widely appoint this preparation as a method of primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Large-scale research was conducted in Europe, as a result of which the following was confirmed: if a person has not had a vascular accident, but takes aspirin for prevention, this will not reduce the risk of developing a stroke or heart attack, but it will increase the probability from hemorrhages. Why?

Because aspirin changes the function of platelets, which in turn provokes hemorrhages, experts point out. Doctors treat this preparation more cautiously, most often prescribing it for secondary prevention, that is, to those who have had a myocardial infarction or to patients with angina and heart rhythm disorders. Bleeding can also occur with an insufficient number of platelets.

The appearance of small "blue-red" dots on the skin may be a signal of impaired liver function. In case of serious pathologies in this organ, including cirrhosis and hepatitis, its function is impaired. Research is needed to clarify the situation.

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