Important: Do not wash these foods before cooking

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Important: Do not wash these foods before cooking
Important: Do not wash these foods before cooking

If you think that washing certain products with water will get rid of bacteria, you are sorely mistaken. There are products that need to be cooked directly. Here's what they are and why you shouldn't wash them:

Red meat

When you wash red meats, you add moisture and during cooking, this will affect the taste. Blot the meat with a paper towel or napkin. If you plan to marinate the meat, always do it in the refrigerator. The same goes for chicken.


As with meat, so with mushrooms, the taste and texture change. Simply clean the surface by peeling or brushing with a damp brush. Sponges are extremely absorbent, so protect them from excess moisture. By cooking, all bacteria will disappear.


It is common practice to wash eggs before consumption. If they are homemade, this is a must. But, if they are from the store, they are pre-washed before being put on the market. They are also coated with mineral oil to protect the egg.


Pasta can't make you sick unless you overdo it. Many people rinse their pasta after cooking, which is a big mistake if you want to have the best dish. Rinsing the pasta only serves to rinse the starch out of it, making it difficult for the sauces to adhere.

Grains like rice or quinoa, however, should always be washed with water before you start cooking them to get the right taste and consistency.

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