14 Vegetarian Foods That Contain More Iron Than Meat

14 Vegetarian Foods That Contain More Iron Than Meat
14 Vegetarian Foods That Contain More Iron Than Meat

The biggest concern for vegetarians and vegans is the amount of iron they get through their food. According to experts, the recommended dose for an adult is from 8 to 27 mg. The minimum is sufficient for men, while pregnant and older women can take a larger amount.

Accordingly, the main source of iron is meat. Since vegans and vegetarians do not consume it, they must find other sources to get their daily iron intake. There's good news for them: there are several foods that are high in iron, and they're also easy to grow!

1. Spinach

Spinach has dark green leaves that are very rich in iron. Just 3 stalks of it contain 18 mg of iron. Spinach salad will give your body the necessary daily dose of iron!

2. Broccoli

Broccoli is an amazing source of iron and some other supplements like vitamin K and magnesium are also essential. It also contains vitamin C and supports the absorption of iron in the body.

3. Lentil

1 cup of lentils contains more iron than 1 steak. Lentils are rich in potassium, protein and dietary fiber. It can be consumed in a salad or soup.

4. Kale

Due to its high iron content, kale is an excellent remedy for fatigue and weakness. Just 3 stalks of kale contain 3.6 mg of iron. It can be eaten raw or in soup and sandwich.

5. Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage provides the body with the necessary amount of vitamin A. At the same time, 1 Chinese cabbage contains 1.8 mg of iron.

6. Baked Potatoes

Just 1 baked potato has 3 times more iron than a serving of chicken. You can eat them with broccoli, Greek yogurt and melted cheddar.

7. Sesame

1 tablespoon of sesame has 1.3 mg of iron. You can effectively include it in your menu. Sprinkle with sesame seeds on the prepared vegetables or you can beat them in a blender to make a salad, dressing or sauce.

8. Cashew

All nuts are high in protein and thus suitable for vegans. Nevertheless, cashews have an added benefit: they are rich in iron.

9. Coq

There are 8 mg of iron in 1 cup of soy, which means that soy is an amazing source of protein. It makes it into the top 20 best vegan foods.

10. chickpeas

1 cup of chickpeas has 4.7 mg of iron, which is nearly ½ of the recommended daily amount for an adult. You can mix it with feta cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers in case you need to make a flavorful dish. Or you can cook them with a little olive oil.

11. Dark Chocolate

It contains various ingredients that improve teeth and skin. Dark chocolate helps the body absorb iron and reduces nervousness. 1 block of it has 2 mg of iron, which is significantly more than 300 g of meat.

12. Mangold

1 stalk of Swiss chard contains 4 mg of iron, which gradually equals 150 g of minced meat. Swiss chard is a rich source of essential supplements, including folate, omega-3 unsaturated fats, and vitamins A, C, and K.

13. Tofu

3 mg of iron is contained in ½ cup of tofu. You can discover one of the various formulas for making tofu and make the most of its medicinal benefits.

14. Bob

1 cup of beans has 3 mg of iron. Beans are a common food that vegetarians prefer at the expense of meat.

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