Many moles - a symptom of dysplastic nevi syndrome

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Many moles - a symptom of dysplastic nevi syndrome
Many moles - a symptom of dysplastic nevi syndrome

I am 40 years old, I have many moles on my body since I was a child, but with age they are getting more and more

I'm worried about one of these moles on my leg, just under the elastic of the sock: I think it's growing

How often should I check on her to make sure everything is okay?

Pavlina Bobeva, city of Varna

This is what the doctor who will examine the mole with a dermatoscope will tell you - he "sees" a little deeper into it. We advise you to visit a dermatologist regularly, at least once a year.

What is the difference between moles and papillomas?

If a person has a large number of moles, then dysplastic nevi syndrome may be suspected. It is recommended that such people visit a dermatologist regularly.

It would be best if the specialist made you a "map" of the moles. The doctor will take a picture of you and enter the information into the computer.

During the next visit (usually scheduled in three to six months), the doctor will take pictures again to compare dynamics.

You should be cautious if a mole has recently appeared or the one you have had for a long time has started to change.

If the nevus has become asymmetrical, its shape and contours have changed, different colors have appeared, you should be examined by a specialist in order not to miss the signs of possible degeneration of the mole into a dangerous malignant melanoma.

By the way, you and yourself at home, with the help of a loved one, can make such a "map" for yourself - take pictures of your moles, measure their sizes and put them on the map.

Make a new card after a few months and compare the results. If you find the changes we mentioned above, don't delay consulting a doctor.

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